China Industrial Internet Market Surpasses 1 Trillion Yen, Cooperation With 5G Is The Key To Future

Telecommunications carriers, the Internet should deploy new Society with artificial intelligence (AI), large statistics, and 5G.

Vice China Telecom China Mobile China Unicom three major skill in the art finished the second phase 5G Internet development in late April, the end of the year Aims to add 550,000 base channels.

It is necessary to accelerate the maturation of 5G to transform it into a new driving force for society and achieve industrial development. It has to become the principal force of expansion.

We need to work together to accelerate new infrastructure and Dong Yunting, leader of the Expert Committee of China Electronics and Information Industry Association, stated.

The construction and utilization of the Web of Matters (IoT) depend upon the high speed of 5G networks.

To collectively promote 5G construction with The outbreak of the coronavirus, new business formats such as telemedicine and online office work increased, and the need for a 5G network became clearer.

To a recent report by the China Industrial Economics Operational Situation Forum, the market size of the industrial Internet in China exceeded 70 billion Yuan (roughly 1.57 trillion yen) last year. . . Industrial Internet platforms in which regions and lead companies are born one after another in several areas like electronics and machines, and count 80.

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