Investment Opportunity For Economic Recovery

Develop Addressing large and recurring challenges, such as global warming, air pollution, and energy poverty investing in nuclear energy will be the real key to addressing these challenges in the long term.

Of this construction, plans are essential for post-reconstruction that is post-COVID-19, and each has the potential to create benefits that are enormous but to achieve this.

Authorities are reviewing how to build WNA admits that appropriate policy response to a pandemic presents a special chance to make a world that is sustainable.

Power will play an essential role in the recovery of the earth following COVID-19, such as by encouraging low-carbon, exceptionally resilient electricity supply infrastructure that is affordable, and by encouraging short-term financial growth.

When And society to build a cleaner and more equitable future for all. Power and policies to realize these advantages.

An Any energy transition program, we will think about the socio-economic, environmental and public health benefits of nuclear and nuclear energy Emphasized that it will also lead to encourage.

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