The Latest Results Show 5G Global Trends And Economic Effects

4G communication, 2019 accounts for nearly all mobile communications in the Earth, accounting for 52%. 56% of relations will be 4G communications.

2019 and 2025, global IoT relations will double to 25 billion units and earnings will triple US$1.1 billion.

The overall value of US$4.9 trillion. The penetration speed of smartphones increases from 65% in 2019 to 4 out of 5 (80%) in 2025.

Improvement, it is going to create an economic impact of 4.9% in a and GDP Mobile operators will spend US$1.1 trillion internationally by 2020 to 2025, 80% of that will visit 5G networks.

An industry team linked to cellular communication, declared on March 5, 2020, that the financial effect related to cellular communication will attain US$4.9 billion by 2024 together with the growth of 5G

By 2025, one in five cellular communication devices will function on 5G.

Currently, about half of the planet’s population, 3.8 billion individuals, use mobile internet. By 2025, it will reach 5 billion, accounting for 61 percent of the population.

The global economy recorded 4.7percent of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of US$4.1 Trillion in 2019. It adds tax revenue of US$ 490 billion and indirectly and directly creates 30 million jobs.

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